Explorer AP380 is a discontinued product

Explorer AP380 Autopilot image

Explorer AP380 Autopilot

Steer With Confidence

  • Rotary control dial
  • One button dodge and jog keys
  • Selection of tack, gybe, 90 and 180 degree turns
  • Autopilot solid state rate gyro supplied standard for maximum course stability.
  • Steer to wind angle, compass heading or GPS waypoint at the press of a button.
  • Dodge obstructions with a simple button press.
  • Auto Tack tacks the boat through a preset angle.
  • Auto Cal allows for automatic correction of deviation errors.
  • Interfacing with either Northstar’s proprietary NavBus protocol or industry standard NMEA 0183.
  • Info data is displayed in clear, large formats.
  • Auto diagnostics continuously monitors all components in the AP380.

The Northstar Explorer AP380 takes the guesswork out of auto-steering your boat. This daylight viewable color TFT display provides crystal-clear information on heading status and key pilot data.  The master dial provides simple, precise access to course setting and menu items.

Port and starboard LED’s indicate course adjustments.  At a single glance from across the cockpit, the skipper gets general steering confirmation, even at night.  One-button dodge and jog keys, easy selection of 90° / 180° turns, tack / gybe selection, on-screen animations of the vessel’s intended actions and progress through a turn: the AP380 makes controlling your boat a breeze. 

Accuracy isn’t an expensive add-on:  A rate gyro is standard with every Northstar Autopilot. Northstar autopilots are serious blue water tools that provide total reliability and performance whether you are crossing the bay or crossing an ocean. See and feel the difference that a gyro stabilized pilot can make to your power or sail boat


In the Box:
Explore AP380
Flush mount kit
Bracket and knobs
Power cable
Sun cover