NS3300 Autopilot is a discontinued product

NS3300 - Autopilot Control image

NS3300 - Autopilot Control

Steer with confidence. Northstar autopilots based on award-winning design.

  • Styled to match the Northstar 6100i Multifunction Display
  • Rotary control dial
  • One button dodge and jog keys
  • Selection of tack, gybe, 90 and 180 degree turns
  • Autopilot solid state rate gyro supplied standard for maximum course stability.
  • Steer to wind angle, compass heading or GPS waypoint at the press of a button.
  • Dodge obstructions with a simple button press.
  • Auto Tack tacks the boat through a preset angle.
  • Auto Cal allows for automatic correction of deviation errors.
  • Interfacing with either Northstar’s proprietary NavBus protocol or industry standard NMEA 0183.
  • Info data is displayed in clear, large formats.
  • Auto diagnostics continuously monitors all components in the NS3300.

The Northstar 3300 autopilot is a powerful device packed with exciting new technology for enhanced utility and ease-of-use. 

A bright clear screen and simple to follow graphic displays make using the 3300 effortless and the rate gyro ensures a stable course heading.