Northstar 6100i is a discontinued product

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Northstar's 6100i

Northstar’s 6100i will change the way you think about and use marine electronics.

  • Change the way you think about and use marine electronics. Features NAVIONICS Platinum Cartography. Available in 5 sizes: 6.4", 8.4", 10.4", 12" and 15" units.
  • Cartography: Navionics™ Platinum, Classic, Silver, Gold, Gold+
  • Screen: Hi-Resolution, Direct Sunlight Viewability Screen
  • Faster Network Performance
  • 491 Sonar Module: 600W or 1kW RMS dual frequency (50/200kHz).
  • Compatible with Northstar's new HD Digital Radar.
  • Video input and output functionality
  • SmartCraft™ Engine Monitoring (Diesel and Gas)
  • Waterproof Casing

There’s no learning curve. Touch one key and things happen.
Plotter, radar, sounder and video are all equally easy to use. These units are intuitively easy. Stand-alone or an integrated system, they’re smart. You pick the display size you want, you choose the functions you need. Start simple, it stays simple, no matter how big the boat, how many stations or how many functions you add. Do it now. Do it later. It’s all about flexibility. The 6k series offers total integration. Hardware. Software. Upgrades. Plug it in and turn it on. Total control. Networkable Combo Chartplotter, Fishfinder, Radar, Video

The engineers call it a network.
N2 Technology is Northstar’s method for moving information around your boat. You don’t see it, but it’s the workhorse inside your unit. Enter a waypoint on one display, and see the waypoint on every display. Insert a Navionics® chart card in the master unit and N2 makes that chart data available to all other units on the boat (as though the card were plugged into each unit). Add a radar to your 6100i or 6000i, and all units can display and control radar.

N2 is what moves that radar overlay up to the tower. N2 is what allows you to navigate from the flybridge or the tower. N2 puts the sounder display in the cockpit. N2 is what lets you do anything from anywhere.

Northstar’s 6k series gives you crisp, clear screen choices of 15, 12, 10.4, 8.4 and 6.4 inch displays. They are the perfect setup for center consoles or sport cruisers. Want functionality, but don’t have much space? Then the 6k series is your answer.
Pick a single function, or pick them all! Plotter, radar, sounder, video, multi-function displays, split screens, and overlays all via one button.

The Northstar 6k series chartplotter /GPS is the core of the integrated navigation system. Concise, crystal-clear Navionics® cartography presented on full-color displays with blindingly fast speed, with award winning Platinum cartography available on the 6100i, all at the touch of a single key. Each size comes standard with GPS and WAAS. Touch-of-a-key simple and vintage Northstar.

Northstar’s 6k Series sounder makes fishing easy.
Razor-sharp screen clarity gives you all the information you need. Go over a school? The unique SoundTrac™ feature, a Northstar exclusive, lets you scroll back in “history”and navigate back to the exact spot with the touch of a button. Standard features include: Dual-frequency (50/200 kHz). Four zoom modes: bottom, bottom lock, bottom lock center, and marker zoom. Nine different screen color sets.  Adjustable fish, bottom, and temperature alarms. Depth in feet, fathoms, or meters. speed through-the-water and water temperature are available.

Optional Equipment Required
When you combine the Northstar 491 Sounder with the 6k series navigation and radar functions, the performance is just plain awesome. Unless you’re a fish.

True color radar
Radar was designed to be part of the 6k series’ integrated navigation system. You don’t “learn” this radar. You use it. Night or day, the clarity of information verges on inspirational. Use the image in chart-overlay or split-screen mode and even the most daunting passages become a snap. Range Rider, a Northstar exclusive, automatically saves your tuning adjustments for each range. When you go back to a range, the settings you’ve made are already there.

Radar data can be presented in North Up, Course up, Leg Up and Head up and of course you can overlay the radar on the charts. Add a radar when you’re ready. You choose the power and the antenna you want. It’s a very sophisticated radar, yet a very flexible part of the 6k system.

Video - It’s everywhere.
The 6k series integrated system has NTSC video input and VGA output. Perfect for docking/engine monitoring/underwater cameras, DVD and TV. Just press the video key. It’s full of remote possibilities. Football next to the sounder display in the cockpit. Radar displayed on the TV*, or any external monitor/display. Giving you sizeable video from any source on the boat. If you can plug it in, you can have it.


In the Box:
6100i display
Install kit
Power cable
Sun shield
Mounting Kit (for 6" and 8" - 10" is optional - 12" and 15" are flush mount only)
Antenna and cable
Install template
Flush mount kit
Install Manual
User Manual
Manual addendum
Cap for BNC connector
VGA connector cover
Registration card